The Legist stands in steadfast commitment to excellence and ethics in IP practices. Founded by experienced and inspired IP Attorneys – Kirat Singh and Pramod Kumar Singh, the firm promises to make business easier, optimized and more productive for its clients.

The firm caters to an expansive spectrum of clientele from Asia, USA and Europe ranging from luxury, lifestyle, sports, technology and telecom to FMCG.

With offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Colombo, the Firm offers services in Anti Counterfeiting, Online Brand Protection, Cross Border Product Security, IP Litigations and Track & Trace Services.

The firm has an experienced team of IP attorneys lead by its Founding Partner offering a range of IP litigation services in Supreme Court, High Courts and principal courts in India and Sri Lanka. The firm also offers Registration of IP with Custom Authorities, Attending Custom seizure notifications, Participation in all Judicial Proceedings before Customs, Coordinating with enforcement and administrative agencies for enforcement of IP, Conducting multi-jurisdictional Civil and Criminal anti-counterfeiting actions in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Having conducted more than 50 IP Customs trainings the firm has prioritize Cross Border Product Security and has seized counterfeit goods worth millions at different international borders. With an experience of more than 2000 civil and criminal IP infringement cases, the firm has created a niche for itself in IP litigation.

The firm is associated with an In-house investigating company with operations in India and South-East Asia catering exclusively to its investigative needs. The investigation team is led by the experienced personnel who strictly adhere to the principles set by its clients. The team has delivered more than thousand criminal enforcement actions across India and has lately engaged itself in intelligence gathering from its international counterparts in order to check cross border smuggling and trade in counterfeit goods.


An article by Pravin Anand, Managing Partner of Anand and Anand, an ACACAP Partner


The context of public interest in intellectual property cases in India is changing.  This article will focus on what the change is with illustrations and argue that this change results in a far greater protection for intellectual property.

  1. The old concept on public interest :

Just a few years ago, a large corporation having strong intellectual property rights would be looked at with a certain degree of skepticism and both the defendants and the courts, at times, would query why the Plaintiff’s products or services were so highly priced and whether it was not in the public interest to permit a cheaper option.  On the question of damages, any damages to the Plaintiff would be considered opposed to the public interest.

  1. How has this changed :
  • Flexible Remedies

First and foremost, a new jurisprudence of flexible remedies developed in which courts started granting unusual orders to promote the public interest and somehow punish the defendant and make him pay back for his wrong.  Thus, for instance, in a case of Ralph Lauren relating to the trade mark POLO for shirts, the two defendant brothers who were unable to pay damages, were asked to do community service in an old age home and orphanage and asked them to report their good behavior at the end of the month.

In a case relating to chewing tobacco of Baba Zarda, the defendant was made to install 300 spittoons in the Osmania Hospital in Hyderabad, something that would be used frequently by chewing tobacco users.

In the case of Rayban, the infringer again unable to pay, had to make a donation of dark glasses for use in the Blind institute.  Similarly, a pirate was made to donate books to the Delhi High Court library.

In a Microsoft case, the director of the infringer was made to sit in conferences and preach the benefits of converting to a non-infringing life style.

  • Contempt

Apart from these flexible remedies, judges were becoming very strict in contempt proceedings.  Thus, the judges had no hesitation in sentencing the defendant to 30 days imprisonment in a Louis Vuitton case when he made false statements on being asked questions by the judge and this was contempt in the face of the court as against perjury which was to be tried by the same judge through an abbreviated procedure and quickly decided.  Similarly in a case relating to “Black” branded cigarettes, an Indonesian company was successful in obtaining Rs. 22 lakhs damages against a defendant who had lied about whether they had sold cigarettes in New Delhi.

In a Bridgestone Tyres case, the defendant had made false statements regarding the brand in which their goods had been exported to Nepal and this initially resulted in the arrest of the managing director and another director followed by a settlement amount of Rs. 36 lakhs.

These orders were growing in number as the judges started to adopt a stronger approach.

In a case relating to Whatman Filter Papers, the directors of the defendant were called to make statements before the court under section 165 of the Evidence Act. The judges found inconsistencies between their statements and held them liable for contempt of court.  Damages for a sum of Rs. 1.8 crores were granted against them.

One of the most unusual orders came in a contempt when Merck Inc. suing for patent infringement for the drug Sitagliptin established contempt of court and the defendant was made to plant 140,000 trees on the New Delhi Ridge and to protect the trees till the rainy season and provide evidence by drones keeping in mind the security of the cantonment area.  The order specified in detail 16 varieties of trees to be planted which were good for controlling the pollution level of Delhi.

More orders included payments of damages to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in several cases and to cancer societies in a Pfizer case which were upheld right up to the Supreme Court.

Thus, one could see that public interest was slowly shifting from questioning the Plaintiff’s gain to letting the defendant suffer for his wrong.  Thus, in this way, steps were being taken to create deterrence for IP infringement.

  1. Impact on Intellectual Property Enforcement:

Is this level of deterrence sufficient?

In the IP community, those that have been stopped and made to pay damages do feel the deterrence but not those who escape for they begin to feel vaccinated, immune or simply protected by divine luck.

Obviously, the degree of deterrence required to reach out to the second category is far higher if IP crime has to diminish.


* * *


Netrika Consulting & Investigations is a premier risk mitigation & Integrity Management company. Headquartered at Delhi NCR & Regional offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata & Bangalore and international offices at UAE, Singapore & Sri Lanka.

We specialize in brand protection, intellectual property consulting, corporate fraud investigations, background verification, cyber security, etc.

Having handled Anti-Piracy and Anti-Counterfeiting cases over a range of international and national clients in industries like Apparels, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Healthcare, IT, Hospitality, Ecommerce, Infrastructure etc. Netrika conducts +500 Enforcement Actions PAN India annually.

Our comprehensive & integrated suite of professional services help organizations manage risk & enhance value for both shareholders & stakeholders alike.


Founded in 2010, Kimtec is a highly regarded professional IPR consultancy firm of investigators based in Guangzhou, China. Kimtec operates in the brand protection space, carrying out investigations, enforcement actions, research and analysis of markets, successfully delivering consultancy assignments and IP protection for well-known brands all over the world.

Kimtec is dedicated to providing practical information, advice and high quality services.


Pakharenko & Partners is a full-service IP and law firm founded nearly 25 years ago and is one of the largest and most experienced intellectual property law firms in Ukraine. We are keen to develop successful protection and enforcement strategies for our clients, covering the development of IP portfolio, acquisition of IPRs, commercialization of IPRs, identifying, prosecuting and litigating IPRs both on the national and international level and across various industries. We assist our clients with IP-related matters not only in Ukraine, but in other post-Soviet states, particularly in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan.


We have exclusive expertise and experience in anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy activities which is strengthened by our participation in several regional and international associations and organizations dedicated to brand protection and the fight against counterfeiting, and by strong international connections with the worldwide network of experts. Our firm closely co-operates with the Ukraine customs, police and trade inspection authorities in sharing information, coordinating actions, training law enforcement officers and raising awareness on the global practices in combating counterfeiting and piracy.

NEW MEMBER | K & K Associates

Manav Kumar, partner at K & K Associates has been leading on IP related issues for the last 14 years. The firm has represented a range of international and national corporations before courts and tribunals in India in industry sectors including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, garments and sports and automobiles.

The firm’s expert enforcement wing regularly deals with complex counterfeit issues on behalf of a number of high profile brands by liaising and initiating actions through the courts or Police across India. The firm prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of ethics in its legal advice to clients. As a result of this, the firm has been able to deliver successful and pragmatic outcomes for its clients in all legal services rendered by the firm.

NEW MEMBER | Guangzhou Explorer Commercial Consultant Co., Ltd. (ECC)

Guangzhou Explorer Commercial Consultant Co., Ltd. (ECC) was established at the beginning of 2007. After years of exploration and unremitting efforts, ECC has developed into a distinctive intellectual property agency, which can provide high quality services for domestic and foreign clients.

ECC has been focused on providing anti-counterfeiting services concerning brand maintenance and IPR protection for well-known brands all over the world. ECC now has established long-term cooperation with dozens of well-known Chinese, European, American and Japanese companies, Intellectual Property Agencies and Law Firms. ECC has the capacity to provide clients with quality services regarding IPR protection. ECC is highly experienced in investigation of infringement, administrative and criminal raid actions, lawsuits and claiming for compensation.

The headquarters of ECC are located at Guangzhou City of China and several branch offices have been set up in many important cities in Mainland China with contacts in a dozen cities. ECC’s clients mainly come from cosmetics, clothing, automobile accessories, electromechanical device and other fast-moving consumer product industries. ECC will make every effort, constantly improve professional quality and actively expand domestic and international cooperation to provide more professional intellectual property services for its clients.

Successful ACACAP seminar in Moscow, Russia

On February 14, 2018, ACACAP, Squire Patton Boggs and Protekta jointly hosted a seminar in Moscow dedicated to the legal and practical aspects of combating the counterfeiters and the protection of trademarks against unfair use in Russia.

During the half-a-day event held at the Moscow office of Squire Patton Boggs, SPB Moscow office attorneys Olga Bezrukova, Anna Grozovskaya and Nikita Beylin covered latest news about changes in Russian trademark laws and related litigation practice of the Constitutional Court, Court for Intellectual Rights and commercial courts of Russia. Dmitry Polyakov of Protekta provided an overview of ACACAP and its members, its history, activities, geography, objectives and discussed details of evidence collection for brand protection with the legal delegates. Federal customs HQ and Moscow city customs executives shared the recent developments in customs brand protection strategy and policies. Some specific attention was given to “One Belt One Road” program which is supported by Russia.

The seminar was attended by brand protection managers and in-house attorneys in healthcare sector, food manufacturing, the fashion and beauty care industry, imaging supplies, the movie industry, as well as representatives of the Federal Customs Service and Moscow City Economic Security Police units.


Date to be confirmed. Please register your interest for more details.

Asian Coalition Against Counterfeiting And Piracy (ACACAP) and SCHMITT&ORLOV (S&O) are pleased to invite you to a Customs training event to be held in Moscow at the Vnukovo Airport Customs this spring.  Vnukovo Airport is the 3rd busiest airport in Russia and one of the main four airports of Moscow.  Vnukovo works with 20 airlines travelling to and from 31 different countries (68 cities).  Vnukovo Airport Customs particularly handles trade coming from Turkey, Syria, Iran and Georgia.  These countries are part of China’s ONE BELT ONE ROAD policy sending goods to Russia on their way to Europe further emphasising the importance of the training in Moscow.  Approximately 35-50 Customs officers will take part in the training.  The training will also be streamed to the local Customs officials on the ground.


October 11, 2017

ACACAP and BRANDSTOCK are pleased to invite you to a free to attend seminar in Munich on the 11 October 2017 (10am – 5pm CET), hosted by the famous fashion brand, Antony Morato.

The event will focus on the changing world of counterfeiting in Asia, the emerging new threats to brands and alternative and robust solutions to deal with the counterfeiters’ shifting strategies in that region.

The event is targeted at cross industry brands and their representatives.

Registration has now opened for the event and we hope you can make it!

We would like to thanks to our sponsor – INCOPRO

INCOPRO ( is an online brand protection company that was founded by a law firm.  It uses technology, combined with IP and investigation expertise, to deliver effective and targeted protection.  Its TALISMAN brand protection system is used by many of the largest global brands to track and assess infringement issues across Marketplaces, Websites, Social Media, App Stores and more.



IP-MARK ASIA LAW FIRM (IP-MARK ASIA) is an intellectual property Law Firm located in Hanoi, Vietnam providing services in all areas of Intellectual Property including Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Designs Prosecution and Litigation, Investigation and Watch Service, Licensing, Dispute Resolution, and Domain Names.

While we continue to provide specialized Intellectual Property services for our clients, we are also able to assist them with general matters relating to business and commercial law, including Corporate Law, Labor and Employment, Investment, Mergers & Acquisitions.

Founded and managed by Mr. Pham Duc Thang, a brand protection expert with a 15+ years of intensive field experience for the largest international brands. With great experience in enforcement of IP rights and anti-counterfeit strategies, IP-MARK ASIA has met a very high demand of clients in many different industries such as pharmaceuticals, foods and alcoholic beverages, high-tech, home appliances and luxury goods industries.


Our Partner in Thailand, working with the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) officers have arrested two Chinese suspects allegedly operating shops in Bangkok involved in the sale of pirated goods worth Bt20 million, DSI deputy director-general Pol Major Suriya Singhakamon told a press conference on Monday.

The two suspects were identified as Hong Bin Lin, who reportedly owns Vivi Shoes, and Lin Shao, owner of Isod. Officers also seized 160,000 pairs of counterfeit sports shoes, Suriya said. The sales value of the shoes totalled Bt20 million.

Suriya also said officers had urged landlords to monitor the activities of their tenants to determine if they were breaking the law.


PROTEKTA is an intellectual property protection, investigations and brand integrity firm, aimed at supporting international business efforts in implementing their intellectual property rights in former Soviet Union countries – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Baltic states – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

Founded and managed by Dmitry Polyakov, a brand protection expert with a 10+ years of intensive field experience for the world’s largest trade marks, the company offers a full scope of legal and investigation services in IP protection, as well as market monitoring and analysis and counteraction.

The company operates from its office in Moscow, utilizing the efforts of numerous certified detectives, investigators with solid law enforcement background, IP and general practice lawyers and attorneys.

PROTEKTA works for many of the largest international brands in textiles, beauty care, luxury and mass market fashion and accessories, home appliances, pharmaceuticals, car makers, image consumables. PROTEKTA are proud to be a brand protection partner for members of major European anticounterfeiting networks and international brand protection organizations.


May 20, 2017

If your organisation is an Asian brand or an international brand that does business in Asia, please join us at our ACACAP and Brandstock cocktail party in Barcelona. This will provide an excellent opportunity to talk to ACACAP partners and other stakeholders about your brand’s experiences and challenges in Asia.

We would like to thanks our sponsors for their support of this event.


To celebrate Word Anti-Counterfeiting Day, ACACAP and ACG are planning a joint workshop about efficient intelligence and enforcement actions across Asia and between Asia and the UK. Using practical examples from the apparel industry delegates will discuss the challenges of product counterfeiting in Asia and explore possible solutions. Case studies will encourage debate on a practical level and it is hoped that the outcome of the workshop will be some concrete next steps for brands in the fights against the counterfeiters.
This will be an interactive day, starting at 10am and finishing at 3pm (light lunch provided) in time for delegates to transfer to The Shard for the ACG Annual General Meeting which starts at 4pm.


The Asian Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (ACACAP) welcomes Kashish IP Group (KIPG), a boutique intellectual property (IP) firm, to its network of partners. KIPG will be responsible for ACACAP activities in Mauritius and Nepal.

ACACAP is a non-profit organization and through its network of local partners across Asia, it offers practical investigations and enforcement support to its members to help tackle the growing problem of product counterfeiting and piracy.

“ACACAP continues to develop its coverage of Asia. KIPG is a well-known firm with offices in many Asian countries and will offer our members the flexibility required to execute successful brand protection strategies,” said Andrew Bradshaw, President, ACACAP.

For more than a decade, KIPG has been assisting clients in protection, management and enforcement of their IP rights to help secure their business interests.

Established in 2006 and with its head office in Mauritius, KIPG advises and assists its clients on all aspects of IP rights, including IP prosecutions and maintenance of their IP rights portfolios (i.e. renewals, recordals, drafting, reviewing of licensing and franchising agreements). Besides this, the firm also conducts IP portfolio reviews and validations for clients, helping to ascertain a client’s portfolio strength and allowing them to execute better business policies and decisions.

To help clients protect their business interests, KIPG acts on their behalf to strategize efficient and effective actions for successful enforcement of their rights, such as carrying out educational sessions for government enforcement agencies – including customs training, market watch, investigations, raids and seizures – to safeguard the right holder’s interest. In addition, KIPG advises and assists its clients on custom recordals for even more efficacious enforcement.

KIPG strives to provide client-tailored solutions and strategies whilst delivering value and excellence in every aspect of its service. The firm offers a full range of IP services related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, IP litigation and commercialization.

NEW MEMBER | R.W.T International Law Office

ACACAP welcomes R.W.T International Law Office. R.W.T will offer services across South East Asia through their local offices.

R.W.T. provides experienced litigators to protect clients while providing legal assistance in many areas. The Legal team advises on the complexities of doing business in the International community. With R.W.T’s assistance, clients are updated with the latest IP information and cost-effective measures. R.W.T. has a truly Global perspective in which their lawyers provide a thorough understanding of the marketplace.

R.W.T has an experienced Investigative team at R.W.T. that is at the forefront of IP rights and protection in South East Asia. With the needs of IP Enforcement being paramount, R.W.T. has been proactive and progressive in this ever-expanding IT community. From establishing themselves as a results-driven firm, R.W.T. has developed an elite rapid response team solely dedicated to IP Enforcement and Investigation.


ACACAP welcomes INQ Consultants, a new investigating partner appointed to fight cross border counterfeiting and piracy.

INQ Consultants Ltd, trading as INQ Global are an International firm of investigators with a global network of trusted partners. INQ specialises in Intellectual Property investigations, including supply chain audits, local market surveys, covert investigations, trap purchases, raid action coordination, RISK investigations and bespoke law enforcement training.

INQ follows a strategic approach to brand protection activities on behalf of clients. These strategies are formed around three important columns: Identify; Locate; Dismantle.

Intelligence gathering and analysis underpins and supports all of INQ’s investigations to ensure that all investigations are completed to the highest standards.


On a warm Mediterranean evening, the Asian Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (ACACAP) welcomed over 100 friends and colleagues from the intellectual property (IP) world to a drinks reception in Barcelona.

The event, co-hosted with Brandstock, took place during INTA and provided a great opportunity for a cross sector of IP professionals (including representatives from non-government organizations (NGOs), brands and ACACAP legal partners) to network and discuss their experiences and challenges of counterfeiting and piracy in Asia.

We would like to thank Lanaca Action Manager, Palmer Biggs IP Solicitors and Strategic IP Information for sponsoring this event.

Thanks also to our great partners for their support: (add pdf of banner with partners and sponsors) AllBright Law Offices, Anand and Anand, Cho & Partners, He Rui, InQ Consultants, Kashish IP Group, Lancers, Protekta, R.W.T. Law Offices, Saikrishna & Associates, Verisec and Wong Jin Nee & Teo

For further information about our partners, please click here.


Allbright Law Offices, founded in 1999, is one of the China’s leading full service law firms headquartered in Shanghai, offering a comprehensive range of legal solutions and services, to both domestic and international clients from our 18 offices throughout China, including in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Allbright provides creative, pragmatic and cost-effective services and solutions to help businesses to protect their IP rights and maximise their commercial benefits. Developed into one of the leading full-service Chinese law firms in China, and it remains the only national Chinese law firm headquartered in Shanghai.

10 May 2017 - NEW MEMBER | LANCERS

Lancers is a leading Corporate Intelligence & Risk Mitigation specialist, with 6 offices and 4 field offices and an employee strength of 100+ across the country.

Lancers Network Limited, thorough its in-depth understanding of key markets, strong operational experience and capabilities, services its Clients with an option of taking the fight against infringement to perpetrators operating in multiple jurisdictions. The Company has a cumulative experience of over 1500+ enforcement actions across India over 20 years.

Lancers has the specialized knowledge, experience & infrastructure for securing a brand in this globalized world. Working within the parameters of local laws and utilizing the various law enforcement entities. Lancers 360-degree approach helps to identify manufacturers, importers, exporters, validate channels, conduct sample purchasing, analyse goods and qualify these as counterfeit. Through Lancers established relations with law enforcement, raid actions can be expedited, followed with litigation support. Lancers has a Pan India coverage for conducting enforcement actions coupled with a strong liaising network with regulatory and enforcement bodies.


ACACAP recently conducted a successful raid on a manufacturing unit in India producing trousers and jeans.  Nearly 2,000 pairs of counterfeit trousers across two major brands were found, as well as around 10,000 tags and waist labels.

We would like to thank our partner Sai Krishna & Associates for another successful action.